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Lola Langford

Manager Cash Flow Strategies
Client Services
Advisor to GIC Investors

T: 519-979-6600 ext 223

“My clients come first.”

Lola has been working with Soulliere Financial since 2003. She has the unique ability to probe the industry and will find the answers to any of your insurance or investment inquiries. She has more than 30 years’ experience in the financial services industry. With her experience and investigative skills, you can feel confident in knowing that her priority is your comfort and your satisfaction.

Lola works with conservative investors to provide GIC and High Interest Savings Account options. She has access to Guaranteed Investment Certificates / Term Deposits from various financial institutions including banks, trust companies and insurance companies. Lola meets with our clients to discuss their TFSA, RRSP/RRIF, LIRA/LIF and non-registered investment options. She is also life licensed and plays a key role in designing insurance solutions for our clients. Lola collaborates with our team of advisors and partners to ensure that all options are explored.

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